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Brief review

When it comes to accounting and invoicing software, a great interface is more than half of the battle. Accounts Receivable has one of the nicest invoicing interfaces that this reviewer has seen. This makes Accounts Receivable one of the top software options in the invoicing category. Large icons and helpful comments will ensure that you glide your way through this program with ease.


Using Accounts Receivable is really just a matter of understanding how the interface works. Once that task has been accomplished, this program will prove its worth. Setting up invoices and tracking accounts received is a matter of personal preference and customization – two very important aspects of any program.

Main Function

Accounts Receivable will help you keep track of your accounts and invoices. In addition, you can calculate tax information, log transactions, and keep track of late fees. Really, if there’s some aspect of bookkeeping that you need in order to keep your company running, Accounts Receivable is the tool to choose.

Extra Features

The great thing about this program is that its intelligent. If you need to calculate any aspect of your business, automated calculations will work in your favor. The ledger that comes with this program is also a nice touch, since keeping track of expenses is vital to any business. In addition to these features, Accounts Receivable is also packed with many available options. Select and choose the options that work for your business.


Accounts Receivable retails for around $50+. For this amount, you will get a complete invoicing and bookkeeping software suite that’s easy to use and highly customizable – a great deal in this reviewer’s opinion!

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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